What we do

The three pillars of what Lunzer Wine Group offers, begin Wine Investment and when tasting many vintages of a great wine, it becomes obvious why some vintages are destined for an inflationary future, whilst others, when they run out, are forgotten. Being the owner of the best vintages means that if you ever want to sell the wines, there will be a queue of willing buyers. We act on behalf of individuals creating portfolios for them as well as advising on collective investment schemes through our association with Lunzer Wine Investments in the UK

Our second pillar revolves around exclusive tasting events, where luxurious wines are served.

For example, have you ever tried at the same time, 6 vintages of a famous Bordeaux Chateaux, spanning 15+ years, served with a specially prepared menu ? We source the wines, advise on venues and select menus to make each occasion become appropriately memorable.

The third pillar of LWG, is based on our understanding that some individuals or groups may like to own their own wine estates. We have a relatively unique offering in Tuscany, Italy, where existing wine estates can be bought with a management contract to oversee every aspect of running the estate. We also have contacts in other wine regions and specifically Bordeaux.