The Opportunity

Statistics show the consistent and significant opportunity offered by investment grade wines: We see the past 3 years of price instability, as breathing space before the trend continues.

The full story lies in the long term trends which existed many years before Asia in general and China in particular, discovered fine wine.

  • Between 1950-1985 the Vintage Claret Index demonstrated an average annual compound return of 15.2%
  • The 1983-2002 Fine Wine index showed average annual compound growth of 12.3%
  • Between 2003-2007 the Liv-ex 100 average annual compound growth rate was 15.3%

While fine wine increases in value in a non-linear fashion, it has averaged a growth rate of nearly 1% per month for the last 30 years. At the same time Bordeaux prices seem to be weakly or even negatively correlated against global economic cycles. For example, while property crashed in the UK in the 1990s, values of investment-grade wines rose.

Collective Investment Schemes

LWG’s CIO, Peter Lunzer, has advised many groups on investment strategies dating back to 1993. In 2003 Peer was a co-founding Director of one of the first formal win investment funds and the returns from his stock picking averaged in excess of 12% per annum over many fixed 5 year fund terms.

The structure of funds varies with fashion and our associate company in the UK currently manages a British Virgin Island Mutual Fund but Peter has also advised, leveraged, listed funds and tax driven products in the UK as well as Hedge Fund and Family Office structures.

Funds invested to date by Peter Lunzer, exceed GBP 72,000,000”

 Our existing Mutual Fund can be replicated at low cost to form a new segregated portfolio company but we are aware of many tax efficient jurisdictions in the World and we are more than happy to discuss what may best suit a client’s interests.

With a cornerstone investor committing a minimum US$ 6m, we will set up a bespoke fund and aim to raise at least double the seed investment, through our existing network and contacts.

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