Portfolio Examples

As of September 2014, LWG is convinced that two Bordeaux vintages have reached the bottom of the market and are set for substantial price increases over the next 5 years and possible much sooner. The two vintages in question are 2000 and 2005. The quality of Bordeaux 2009 and 2010 is undoubted, but if the market is to return to the logic of the past 40 years, before Chinese Gift Giving played any part, we believe that old fashioned shortage of supply for a globally growing demand, will once again cause inflationary price changes. 2009 and 2010 are still too young to be affected by consumption causing shortage of supply and it is also believed that the Bordeaux Chateaux held back a considerable chunk of their own prized stock, which means that if supply of 2009 and 2010 becomes short, they can release more wine and by satisfying demand, deflate the prices.

2000 Vintage Collections

These wines are already drinking and they will appear on every top Hotel and Restaurant wine list across the planet.
Please email us for details of our 3 suggested collections of these 2000 Vintage wines.

2005 Vintage Collections

This vintage is the one that everybody forgot when the amazing 2009’s were harvested. Unlike the 2009’s the 2005 is a genuinely balanced top quality vintage and as they approach their 10th Birthday, they can be acquired at close to their sensible release price, just as they are coming onto the radar of the wine critics again.

Parcels of Great wines

Anyone can buy a single case of wine, but when it comes to buying big parcels this is only relatively easy when those wines are young.

As Wines mature so the ownership becomes fragmented and the chance of finding decent sized parcels diminishes. Over many years we have seen merchants paying a premium for pristine parcels of stock which has been professionally stored. 10 cases to 20 cases of the best wines will often outperform individual cases in the long term.

Our Pricing Promise

Prices of fine wines fluctuate all the time. We quote based on the live trading exchange, based in the UK, called London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex), which operates 24/7, as a members only, wine merchant trading platform. Our associate company, Lunzer Wine investments Limited in the UK, is one of only about 400 members in the world.

We therefore quote prices based on a window of opportunity, which in a swiftly moving market can sometimes only last for as little as one day. In a static market the prices can remain unchanged for a week or two, but unlike any Wine Merchant, we will guarantee that if we can pay less for stock then we will refund the difference to our clients and our fees are always based on the acquisition price.