How Can Lunzer Wine Group Help You ?

Lunzer Wine Group offers a range of bespoke, wine acquisition options for private investors. We offer to clients who want to acquire wines, the opportunity of creating their own portfolios, held in their own bonded warehouse account or delivered to a location of their choice. Through our investment team we provide the private investor with all the knowledge, expertise and regular recommendations necessary to buy wines at the right price and potentially make healthy profits from the fine wine market.

There are many wine investment vehicles available in the world, from monthly subscription amounts paid to reputable wine merchants, to our own fully licensed, British Virgin Island, Mutual Fund. Each vehicle exists because at some point, all of these famous wines will be consumed, but the key factor is that as they mature, someone has to be the custodian.

Decades ago the reputation of a wine merchant hinged on their ability to supply mature drinking wines to their client base. In modern times the merchant will only be allowed, by their accountants, to buy the most recent vintages and not restock until cash has been generated. Therefore, if a wine enthusiast has tasted the exquisite sensation of a fully mature wine and wants to find some more, where should they go ? The simple answers are Wine Auctions, Wine Brokers, a small handful of old fashioned Wine Merchants, and Wine Funds.

Brokers have almost always existed in the wine world and they will find stock coming to the market for a multitude of reasons such as divorce, death or the need to raise cash and they charge a margin to pass the mature stock to a grateful purchaser. For some reason, it took until this century for Wine Funds to be created to act as the custodian. Funds and wine collectors have proved to be the most reliable source of genuine, well stored wines.

LWG offer a bespoke service to clients and acquire the best priced wine stock on their behalf whilst charging a transparent fee. This is a unique alternative to Investment funds which are complicated vehicles where all investors need to be made aware of the relevant safeguards put in place to safely manage their investment. We are aware that some people may prefer to avoid all the perceived risks, associated with allowing others to manage their money and also the warehouse account in which their wine is stored.

Tailored wine portfolios:

Fees charged for the service of acquiring the most suitable, investment grade wine stock is considerably less than a wine merchant’s margin. Lunzer Wine Group typically charges 2% to 5%, to acquire authentic wines at the bid price and only the wines which we believe will be in great demand in the future, as they mature. In addition to buying the best wines at the right price, we offer an optional, annual management service contract at a cost of 1.5% per annum, to value the content of the portfolios and advise owners on whether some items could be traded profitably and where the cash could be reinvested.