Lunzer Wine Group (UK)

Since 2006 Peter Lunzer has been visiting the Far East and Hong Kong in particular where he has met a number of current clients of the UK business, Lunzer Wine Group (UK) Limited.

Business in Asia is developing quickly for LWI with clients using Peter’s expertise both in the Investment World as well as the Corporate Event market. It has therefore been decided to open new offices in Hong Kong where we have recently incorporated our Hong Kong company called Lunzer Wine Group Limited. We will be putting in place a local team, but in the meantime we are utilising the UK service providers who already work with Lunzer Wine Group (UK) Limited.

In recent years there has been continued growth in terms of Wine tasting events being used by the Corporate world to entertain clients. In any society where many people are promoting their businesses, it is increasingly difficult to find viable corporate events which successfully attract the right potential clients or work to effectively cement relationships with existing clients. Fine Wine is a genuinely powerful attraction and if an invitation appears stating that among other ingredients, a beautiful vintage of Chateau Pichon Longueville, Comtesse de Lalande, 2eme Cru Classé. Pauillac, will be served with a Fillet of Beef, it is surprising how many senior business people will block out that date to ensure that they enjoy the extravagant hospitality.