Asset Management

“Bringing trust, integrity and transparency to the World of Fine Wine”

 At Lunzer Wine Group we believe in the continued, long term growth in demand for the finest wines of Bordeaux. It does not matter how delicious other wines become, from other regions in the World, people will always want to know why these wines have become so famous. Every inspired wine lover will want to be able to say their friends for example, “I have tasted Chateau Latour from the 1996 vintage”. The more rare the wine, the more mature the vintage, the greater the perceived good fortune to have been able to drink that wine.

What makes this different from all other investments, is that this is the only investment which has a diminishing supply”     Peter Lunzer

 In terms of Wine Asset Management, LWG is primarily involved in one asset class – the finest wines of Bordeaux. Wines from the great Bordeaux Chateaux have been proven over decades of analysis, to be able to generate and deliver sustainable investment returns in excess of many other more traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds.

Since 2011 there has been a remarkable correction in pricing of many famous wines and we currently see this as an incredible buying opportunity. One thing which we know continues today, is the consumption of great wines by wine lovers who create scarcity in the wines they choose. LWG strategy is to buy predominantly world famous wines from the Medoc Grand Cru Classé alongside top St Emilion as well as the best Pomerol Chateaux. These are all wines of exceptional reputation that are traded on a truly global secondary market and should increase in value over time as people drink the wine and the levels of stock available worldwide is reduced. The element of which we are particularly proud, is that our investment philosophy has protected clients from the hugely discounted prices of very young wines such as 2009 and 2010 Bordeaux.